Nicolás Libedinsky

I am currently an Associate Professor in the Universidad de Chile. I studied my undergrad at the University of Chile and at the École Normale Supérieure where I also started my Ph.D. under the supervision of Raphaël Rouquier. I finished my Ph.D. in Paris VII. Afterwards, I did a two year Von Humboldt postdoc under the supervision of Wolfgang Soergel. My CV is available here. Here a video about my work appeared in CNN Chile. If you are interested in a postdoctoral position, please feel free to contact me, we have quite nice postdoc offers. I am also interested in having another Ph.D. student. 


Most of my work revolves around some beautiful and central objects in representation theory called Soergel bimodules. I have produced a basis of morphisms between such objects that are called Light Leaves. I am fascinated by them. On the one hand, it is because of them that one can actually compute in Soergel bimodule-land, and on the other, they have some very rich combinatorial structure that is slowly unearthing. My favorite subjects are diagrammatical category theory, braid group actions and their categorical versions, modular representations of finite or algebraic groups, Kazhdan-Lusztig theory, categorifications, quantum knot invariants and lately, how to bring physics and modular representation theory closer together. Very nice.

Video about my work, appeared in CNN Chile (in spanish)

Curriculum Vitae

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