There are open postdoctoral positions. If you are interested, please let me know.

Elizabeth Manosalva 

Postdoc, March 2023- Present.



Damián De La Fuente

Ph.D. student (joint supervision with Daniel Juteau), August 2023- Present.



Rodrigo Villegas

Ph.D.  March 2019– Present


Gonzalo Jiménez

Ph.D student January 2017 – Present. Defense is expected in November 2023.

Damián De La Fuente

Master student March 2020– July 2022. Now doing a Ph.D. in Amiens, France, with Daniel Juteau.


Juan Camilo Arias

Postdoc March 2020– March 2021. Currently postdoc in Universidad de Los Andes.

His magnificent webpage

Gastón Burrull

Ph.D. student (joint supervision with Geordie Williamson), January 2020- July 2022. Now a postdoc under David Kazhdan.

His majestic webpage

Karina H. Batistelli

Postdoc March 2019– February 2022.

Her fantastic webpage

 Sebastián Cea

Master student September 2016 – September 2017
Presently doing a Ph.D thesis in Université d'Amiens

Paolo Sentinelli

Postdoc Dec 2015 – 2018. Now researcher at Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano.

His beautiful webpage

Gastón Burrull

Master student, June 2015- 2018. Now a postdoc under David Kazhdan.

His magic webpage

David Plaza

Postdoc Sept 2013 – Jan 2016
Presently, Associate Professor University of Talca