Invited talk in University of Sydney algebra seminar, 11th August 2017

University of Sydney Algebra Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The Algebra Seminar is held on Fridays from 12 to 1 in Carslaw room 375, unless otherwise noted. Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Fri 4 Salim Rostam A KLR-like presentation for the Hecke algebra of G(r,p,n)
Fri 11 Jun Hu On the center of cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras and cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type A
Fri 11 Nicolas Libedinsky The anti-spherical category
Fri 18 Dror Bar-Natan The Dogma is Wrong
Fri 25 Zsuzsanna Dancso Lattices and homological algebra
Fri 1 Ben Elias Categorical Diagonalization
Fri 1 Carl Mautner From the general linear group to matroids
Fri 8 Ying Xu Drinfeld realisation and highest weight representations of quantum affine osp(1|2n)
Fri 15 Pinhas Grossman Some examples of Brauer-Picard groups of fusion categories
Fri 22 Oded Yacobi On equations defining the affine Grassmannian of SL_n
Fri 29 Youming Qiao Improved lower bound on the number of finite p-groups
Fri 6 ?
Fri 13 ?
Fri 20 ?
Fri 27 Jesse Burke TBA
Fri 3 ?
Fri 10 Jon Brundan TBA
Fri 17 ?
Fri 24 ?
Fri 1 Anna Romanova TBA



University of Sydney Algebra Seminars in 2017

Mon 6 Paul Zinn-Justin; Loop models and K theory
Fri 10 Quanshui Wu; BV-algebra structure over Poisson cohomology
Fri 17 Alex Weekes; An introduction to Coulomb branches
Fri 24 Peter Tingley; PBW bases and KLR algebras
Fri 3 Oksana Yakimova; Symmetric invariants and polynomial rings
Fri 10 Dmitri Panyushev; Minimal inversion complete sets in Weyl groups and maximal abelian ideals
Nicole Lemire; Twisted Grassmannians and Torsion in Codimension 2 Chow groups
Fri 17 Ruth Corran; Root systems for complex reflection groups
Graham Denham; Rational models for matroids
Fri 24 Tarig Abdelgadir; Tensor McKay Correspondence: ADE case
Fri 31 Ulrich Thiel; Introduction to the Calogero-Moser vs. Kazhdan-Lusztig program
Fri 7 Hendrik De Bie; On the algebra of symmetries of Dirac operators
Fri 14 no seminar
Fri 21 no seminar
Fri 28 Matthew Dyer; Bruhat order, weak order and closure operators on root systems
Fri 5 Neil Saunders; The exotic Robinson-Schensted correspondence
Fri 12 no seminar
Fri 19 Michael Ehrig; The periplectic Brauer algebra and its Deligne category
Fri 26 Jie Du; q-Schur algebras and integral quantum affine gl(n)
Fri 2 Alina Ostafe; Multiplicatively dependent points on curves and applications to algebraic dynamical systems
Fri 9 Yang Zhang; Noncommutative classical invariant theory for the quantum general linear supergroup
Fri 16 Geordie Williamson; Modular representations, tilting modules and the p-canonical basis